Behavioural Consulting

Behavioural Consulting

The Behaviour Company will work with you to help make awesome and long lasting changes. We provide clinical supervision, assessments and consultations to families and agencies in the mental health arena. We ensure that our services are in line with all necessary Ministry guidelines and are both ethical and compassionate to ensure we and the agencies we support are providing optimal behavioural services.

We Work With

  1. Treatment Centres to help with behavioural assessments, treatment plans and staff training.
  2. Parents to help with family dynamics and children’s challenging behaviours.
  3. Psychologists who need detailed behavioural assessments and treatment plans for their patients.
  4. Lawyers and Parole & Probation Officers who have clients found not criminally responsible and are in need of behavioural support.
  5. Montessori and Private Schools who have students with exceptionalities or want behavioural training for their teachers.

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