Behavioural Consulting

Behavioural Consulting

The Behaviour Company will work with you to help make awesome and long lasting changes. We provide clinical supervision, assessments and consultations to families and agencies in the mental health arena. We ensure that our services are in line with all necessary Ministry guidelines and are both ethical and compassionate to ensure we and the agencies we support are providing optimal behavioural services.

We Work With

  1. Treatment Centres

    We provide staff training and individual behavioural assessments and treatment plans for agencies in the human service sector.

  2. Parents

    We help families to develop positive and strong relationships, improve family dynamics and address children’s challenging behaviours.

  3. Psychologists & Psychiatrists

    We work alongside clinicians to provide detailed behavioural assessment and treatment plans for their patients.

  4. Lawyers & Probation Officers

    We work with clients who have been found not criminally responsible and are in need of behavioural support.

  5. Montesorri & Private Schools

    We help teachers learn about classroom behaviour management and individualized behavioural assessments for students with exceptionalities.

Our Approach

Behaviour Analysis

Behaviour analysis is the science of behaviour and is based on the premise that attempts to improve the human condition through behaviour change. Behaviour analysts study how biological, pharmacological and experiential factors influence the behaviour of individuals and groups. Applied Behaviour Analysis is an empirically-validated approach to teaching using evidence-based behavioural principles, laws and strategies.

Trauma Informed BA

Trauma-Informed Behaviour Analysis (TIBA) is the recognition that a person’s history, lived experience through their own eyes, and mistreatment or microaggressions has a direct impact on how they behave. Behaviour Analysts work closely with psychologists, psychiatrists and psychotherapists to provide a holistic approach to address a person’s earlier experiences and environments and how those have shaped behaviours in their current situation.

Organizational Behaviour Management

Organizational Behaviour Management (OBM) focuses on assessing and changing work environments to improve employee performance and workplace culture. Behaviour analysts use proven methodologies to achieve meaningful and sustainable behaviour change and improved business outcomes. Our focus is on improving staff training, performance, retaining and developing staff.

Services for Individuals in Group Homes

Brief Intensive

A 90-day program that includes a full behavioural assessment, treatment plan, staff training and feedback. Services are provided on-site and includes multiple weekly visits. 

Comprehensive Intensive

Our most popular program! A 6-month plan includes a complete behavioral and trauma assessment, treatment plan, staff training, feedback and summary report. Services are provided on-site and includes multiple weekly visits from our behavioural team. 

FBA Assessment

A complete behavioral assessment and treatment report for individuals. Services include 25-30 hours from the behavioural team and includes 1 virtual or in-person meeting to share findings and recommendations. 


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